Is IonEngage right for you?

IonEngage is the right solution for you if:

  • The success of your project is dependent on sourcing and effectively utilizing contract or outsourced talent on-demand, OR
  • Your company is dependent on utilizing contract or outsourced resources in large 
numbers for delivering products, services and solutions

and you are facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • Finding it difficult to source skilled and talented contract and outsourced 
resources in a strong labor market
  • Facing higher attrition amongst your contract or outsourced resource 
force and as a result is incurring higher costs, direct and indirect
  • Expending large amounts of management time in sourcing, selecting 
and managing contract and outsourced resources.
  • Getting inadequate performance from contract and outsourced resources and/or also from vendors who employ these resources

and therefore as a result maybe experiencing schedule and cost-overruns, missed time-to-market deadlines, inadequate quality, and perhaps the negative outcomes that comes with such an experience.

Imagine Success

Imagine your technology project getting done on time and within budget. Further imagine doing it right the very first time and meeting all the business needs that it was set out to address. And yes, definitely imagine how highly intuitive and user friendly the solution you have delivered is, how highly reliable and scalable it is, and how highly secure it is.

Now imagine your internal and external customers being delighted with what you have delivered and the resulting business benefits to your organization as well as the professional benefits to you.

Let’s not stop here. Continue to imagine this high level of Success each and every time, in every project you put your name on and take responsibility for. Imagine the impact of repeated and consistent success in your professional life.

How do you get this level of success that you have imagined each and every time? You get it by Engaging Excellence. You get it by Engaging IonIdea. You get it with IonEngage.

Engage Excellence

IonIdea’s “IonEngaged” resources bring “emotional commitment” to your organization, to your projects and to your goals.

Why? Because of the Trust 360 based value system at IonIdea, a culture of Trust and Excellence in nurtured, which results in employees who are highly engaged.

When resources care—when they are engaged—they use discretionary effort. They are always on 24x7. They innovate, they improvise, and they make things happen.

Our business relationship managers are engaged. They care about your success. They proactively invest their time and effort in you and project, to learn as much as they can about your goals, your deliverables, your challenges and your needs, so that they can

  • Customize the engagement and commercial models to adequately address your business needs.
  • Ensure a high-level of service to meet and exceed committed SLAs and OLAs.
  • Bring the right resources for your projects on the right time with minimal overheads on you for screening and selection.

  • Our resource managers are also engaged on your behalf. They Manage the deployed resources. Address their aspirations and interests, thereby keeping them motivated and engaged, so that you consistently get a high-level of performance from them.
  • Get your feedback on the performance of our resources and on our overall performance, and incorporate it into our improvement plans, so that we do better for you in the future

Most importantly, our consulting and outsourced resources are engaged. They care about your success. Yes, they do what you ask of them, however, they also

  • Invest time to fully understand your goals, your business requirements, your technology landscape, and relationship sensitivities, so that they can be effective and productive in what they do for you
  • Think outside the box, offer ideas and suggestions, and offer alternate approaches and solutions to ensure project success
  • Document their work and transfer project knowledge to your internal resources so it is easy on you and your team to maintain, enhance or continue on with the project work

Value To You

IonEngage is a superior, scalable, reliable, high quality and highly effective solution for engaging onsite contractors or outsourced resources.

It ensures that each and every resource that is deployed on your engagement is “truly engaged” and working with you to make your visions & goals a reality.

It guarantees the performance of the sourcing program as well as the performance of the deployed resources.

IonEngage helps you succeed in delivering high quality products, solutions and services to your customers in a timely and cost effective manner, thereby increasing your customer satisfaction levels and opening new opportunities to you.

Why IonIdea?

  • Do you want to engage a team for whom “Customer Satisfaction” and “Earning Trust” are not just marketing platitudes, but are truly an ingrained culture and way of doing business every day? - Therefore Engage IonIdea
  • Do you want to engage a company that is truly empathetic and will fully align with your interests, because it sincerely believes that it’s success is tied to the hip with your success? - Therefore Engage IonIdea
  • Do you want to engage a team that will do not just what it is told, but also ask questions such as “Why so? What if? Why not? How about? Will this?” and so forth, with the sole intention of delivering superior value to you? - Therefore Engage IonIdea
  • Do you want to engage a company that invests in new processes,technologies and capabilities, not because it is the cool flavor of the day, but because these bring business value to you? - Therefore Engage IonIdea
  • Do you want to engage a company that will not nickel and dime you to boost its short term bottom line, but instead focus on exceeding your expectations with the belief that your success is its ticket to long term growth? - Therefore Engage IonIdea

When you Engage IonIdea, you are Engaging Excellence and therefore Engaging Success.