Is IonEngineer right for you?

IonEngineer is the right solution for you if your success is dependent on:

  • Being able to develop high quality, highly-intuitive, extremely-robust, easily-scalable and very-secure enterprise, shrink-wrapped, or SaaS software products that are used by an extremely large number of users, OR
  • Being agile and very responsive, and being able to in a timely manner roll out new software functionality based on changing business needs, OR
  • Being very cost-effective and getting a high ROI for your software engineering budget

and you are facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • Not able to develop solutions on Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, and Social Media technology platforms due to inadequate expertise in-house, OR
  • Unable to quickly and in a timely manner develop business critical Enterprise Software because you do not have sufficiently large software engineering bandwidth in-house, OR
  • Incurring high software engineering costs, either due to high cost of resources or due to the cost of rework because the work was not done right the first time

and therefore as a result maybe experiencing schedule and cost-overruns, missed time-to-market deadlines, inadequate quality, and perhaps the negative outcomes that comes with such an experience.

Imagine Success

Imagine your software product getting done on time and within budget. Further imagine doing it right the very first time and meeting all the business needs that it was set out to address. And yes, definitely imagine how highly intuitive and user friendly the solution you have delivered is, how highly reliable and scalable it is, and how highly secure it is.

Now imagine your internal and external customers being delighted with what you have delivered and the resulting business benefits to your organization as well as the professional benefits to you.

Let’s not stop here. Continue to imagine this high level of Success each and every time, in every software product you put your name on and take responsibility for. Imagine the impact of repeated and consistent success in your professional life.

How do you get this level of success that you have imagined each and every time? You get it by Engaging Excellence. You get it by Engaging IonIdea. You get it with IonEngineer.

Engage Excellence

Yes, IonIdea’s software engineering methodology, IonExpress, is SEI CMMi Level 3 assessed and ISO 9001 certified. It incorporates the industry best practices in software engineering and has repeatedly proven to be successful in delivering a high quality products on time and on budget.

However, more important is the ‘truly engaged’ philosophy and culture behind IonExpress, which is IonEngage. IonExpress and IonEngage together help us build the best software products for you. Together as IonEngineer, you are engaging excellence.

With IonEngineer you will see and experience:

  • Draw, Aim, Fire: There is much to be said about doing things in the right order. Before we give you firm cost and time estimates for any development, and definitely before we build anything for you, we take the time to understand your business requirements. Of course, when we have an established a track record with you and generally know what your needs are, we are able to draw, aim and fire very quickly in the blink of an eye.
  • Proactive and Transparent Communication: These are the cornerstones of our project management. Successes, failures, challenges, risks, plans and progress are all communicated to you proactively in a transparent manner. We ensure you always have the information that you are interested in or is relevant to you. No surprises for you, other than being pleasantly surprised by our commitment to your success.
  • Dig deeper to truly understand: Before we go out and build something for you, our business analysts and product managers are trained to did deeper by asking thought provoking questions, so that we truly understand your product vision, the business requirements of your user-base and the ground realties of your existing technology and systems landscape. This helps us to fully understand not only what you want, but also what else is possible, and of-course what we should look out for and take into consideration when developing the solution for you.
  • What-if and Why-not interactions: We may come across as being questioning or sometimes even argumentative, however we have only your best intentions at heart when we question what you ask us to do, and offer alternatives to you. Our goal is not just to do what you ask us to do, but also to find solutions that may perhaps be better for you, improve your ideas, enhance your product, reduce your costs and bring out the product faster to market.
  • Attention to Detail: This is what makes a good product great. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s is not just lip service at IonIdea. We truly live by it in everything we do. So you can rest assured that your business functionality will be addressed, your software will be very intuitive and easy to use, and it will work well as specified be it in functionality, performance, interoperability, scalability or availability.
  • Agile and Responsive: We will help you boil the ocean, one barrel at a time. Based on the shifting winds of your business needs, we will reprioritize functionality that needs to be delivered in the next sprint of our Agile development process.
  • Beauty is also in the mind of the Designer: For the beholder to judge something as being beautiful, the designer has to envision the beauty in their minds. Our UI/UX experts are trained and experienced in building highly-intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for all the products we build. They will design, redesign, and design it again, until they are happy with what they have come up with, before presenting options to you.
  • Mock-ups and POCs: Before coding any functionality, we develop mock-up screens with dummy functionality for you to experience so that you know before hand what you will get after we build the solution for you.
  • Build to address today’s needs, and to set a foundation for tomorrow: Our “SAT - Subject-Matter-Experts and Architectural Team” reviews, critiques and approves the architecture and design of each and every software product we build for you. We present it to you for your review and approval as well. If you specify the architecture and design of the product you want us to build for you, our SAT reviews what you specify and makes constructive suggestions if any as a value-added exercise. Our goal is to ensure that the investment you make not only adequately addresses you needs for today, but also is reusable as a foundation for your needs tomorrow.
  • Reduce and Reuse: Quick turnaround and high-productivity is what you will experience. To do this, and at the same time deliver high quality product to you, our architecture and design stress on simplicity and reusability of software components.
  • Do it right the very first time: All code we develop follow the best coding standards, are unit-tested and reviewed by peers. The focus is on catching and fixing errors early on so that cost of developing good quality software is minimized.
  • Test it quickly and test it well: Before it is made available to users, we do functional, regression and user acceptance testing. By building and continuously enhancing test automation, our test and deployment process is as fast as fast can be.
  • Be there for you when things don’t go as planned: In spite of the best intentions and the best efforts of everybody, sometimes Murhpy’s law comes into play. When things go bad or don’t go as planned, you can count on us to pull in all-nighters and weekenders, to bring in extra ammunition and troops, so that we can together save the day.
  • Document and Train: Whatever we do for you, we document it, hand it over to you and train whomever you want us to train, be it your internal employees or other vendors/partners you work with. Our strategy for developing a long-term relationship with you is not based on holding critical knowledge close to our chest. We aim to work with you for a long time only by delivering excellence and helping you succeed.

Value To You

You experience success and peace of mind by engaging IonIdea for your software product engineering initiatives.

IonEngineer is a superior, scalable, reliable, high quality and highly effective software product engineering solution.

By utilizing IonEngage resource deployment & management solution, IonEngineer ensures that each and every resource that is deployed on your product development is “truly engaged” and working with you to make your visions & goals a reality.

IonEngineer guarantees quality and performance through meticulous and proven IonExpress software product development processes.

IonEngineer helps you succeed in delivering high quality products, solutions and services to your customers in a timely and cost effective manner, thereby increasing your customer satisfaction levels and opening new opportunities to you.

Why IonIdea?

Yes, you have innumerable options for vendors and partners to help you with your software development needs. That makes us even more competitive and committed to earn your business and earn your trust. Trust 360 reflects our commitment to your success.

Being a mid-size player with a wide range of technology capabilities, we are mature enough to help you with your mission-critical business applications, and at the same time small enough for your business to be extremely important to us. Therefore you have a partner committed to your success, and easy access to the top management of the company including the CEO.

Having “solution focused practices” in Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, Social Media, Enterprise Software and Testing, we have the breadth and depth in capability and experience to help you with a wide variety of software development initiatives.

By being able to bring to bear very talented and experienced resources onto your projects in various geographical areas, including the Untied States, Europe, India and Singapore, we are very agile and cost-effective as well.

When you Engage IonIdea, you are Engaging Excellence and therefore Engaging Success.