Is IonCloud right for you?

IonCloud is the right solution for you if you:

  • Already have a Cloud Strategy and Plan in place, but need help in designing and building Cloud based solutions on, Azure, AWS or other platforms, OR,
  • Are considering Cloud or have not yet thought about Cloud, but would like to:
    • Increase agility. Quickly develop and deploy software applications in a fraction of the time that it normally takes for you to do
    • Have the worries of Scalability, Application Security and Disaster Recovery taken off of your plate when you are deploying your software applications
    • Reduce your CAPEX spending on hardware and software infrastructure and your OPEX on maintaining them
    • Have increased flexibility to change direction without serious people or financial issues at stake
    • Have increased collaboration between your employees so that they can work from wherever they are
    • Reduce latency of application access from different parts of the world
    • Benefit from the massive economies of scale of Cloud computing providers

Whether you already have a Cloud strategy and have Cloud projects ongoing; or if you need help in developing a Cloud strategy, putting together realistic plans, and building new applications or migrating existing applications onto the Cloud, IonIdea can help you get their quickly and cost-effectively.

Imagine Success

Imagine being able to rapidly and cost-effectively implement highly secure, robust and scalable Cloud based enterprise business applications, with very intuitive world-class web and mobile user-interfaces.

Imagine being agile in your approach and being able to quickly release new business functionality in very short sprints.

Imagine not only getting it done quickly and cost-effectively, but also getting it done right the very first time.

How do you get this level of success that you have imagined each and every time? You get it by Engaging Excellence. You get it by Engaging IonIdea. You get it with IonCloud and IonEngineer solutions.

Engage Excellence

IonIdea utilizes its IonEngage solution for resource engagement and IonEngineer solution or software engineering.

Together they are the foundation for the IonCloud solution we deliver for you. Therefore the team working on your engagements are truly engaged and committed to your success. They utilize proven software engineering methodologies and reusable components to build your product quickly and cost-effectively.

With our deep expertise in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, we are able to help you leverage the Cloud as an infrastructure and as a software platform, to help you build your software solution in the right manner the very first time.

Our technology resources are trained, experienced and certified in, Azure and AWS. So you can be rest assured that you are in good capable hands when it comes to the development and deployment of Cloud applications.

Value To You

We will help you rapidly and cost-effectively implement highly secure, robust and scalable Cloud based enterprise business applications, with very intuitive world-class web and mobile user-interfaces.

We will help you build new business applications as well as migrate existing legacy enterprise applications onto the Cloud.

You will experience a high level of business agility; faster time-to-market for new products and services you introduce; have proven out-of-the-box security, reliability & scalability; lower capex/opex of your business applications; and reduce the criticality of relying on high-cost and high-demand technical talent.

You will experience success and peace of mind by engaging IonIdea for your Cloud initiatives.

Why IonIdea?

Choose IonIdea for the following reasons:

  • Depth of Skills and Experience in implementing Cloud based software applications. Partnership with and certified by Cloud service providers.
  • Broad portfolio of Cloud computing and managed services capabilities. Our resources are trained, certified and highly experienced in, Azure and AWS.
  • Alignment and adoption of best practices in the industry in our IonEngineer software engineering offering
  • Consistent processes and knowledge management in the IonExpress software engineering methodology we use
  • Proven global service delivery capability with expertise locally where you need them in the IonEngage resource deployment and management solution
  • Performance based engagement models. Proven track record of having built business critical Cloud applications
  • A reputation of Excellence and Trust

When you Engage IonIdea, you are Engaging Excellence and therefore Engaging Success.