We firmly believe that consistently delivering Excellence is extremely critical to achieving our vision of becoming one of the most trusted companies in the world.

IonExcellence is the process by which we ensure excellence in every product and solution we offer to our customers. IonExcellence helps us excel in each and every functional area that is critical in helping our customers succeed.

Achieving and maintaining Excellence is an ongoing effort at IonIdea. We do this through IonExcellence.

We have ongoing IonExcellence tracks in each of the areas that are corporate wide, including Trust, Customer Care, Employee Care, Communications and Sales.

Likewise we also have ongoing IonExcellence tracks in each of the important functional areas, including Software Engineering, Consulting, IS/IT, Recruiting and Revenue Cycle Management.

A vision of excellence for each of these areas is defined and periodically refined by these IonExcellence tracks. Inputs from our employees and our customers go into defining what ‘Excellence’ is and what ‘Excellence’ should deliver in the functional areas.

With this vision of excellence, we periodically do a gap-analysis of ‘where we need to be’ versus ‘where we are’. This analysis leads to identification of areas of improvement, and thereafter targeted improvement initiatives.

Measurement of results achieved by the improvement initiatives and feedback from our customers tell us how we are doing with our IonExcellence tracks.

IonExcellence does not aim to achieve perfection. It however aims to achieve excellence and superior value in everything we do.

Your compliments, constructive feedback and criticisms about our excellence, or lack thereof, in anything we do for you are always welcome. Please write to the IonExcellence Team that is relevant to your feedback, or write to our CEO who is always very interested in knowing how well we are doing for our customers.