Is IonSocial right for you?

IonSocial is the right solution for you if your success is dependent on:

  • Being able to build strong social media presence that will help you grow and connect to a larger audience, and to convert more leads into actual customers.
  • Being able to co-create products through crowd sourcing of ideas from your consumer community, so that it meets customer needs.
  • Being able to forecast market demand. The buzz from the social network can help you target where the first movers are and allow your team to channelize your supplies and services to those buzz spots.
  • Being able to cost effectively generate business leads. The power of social networks can be used to attract customers and drive inbound queries.
  • Being able to enhance your company’s industry reputation through thought leadership initiatives.
  • Being able to improve customer service and satisfaction, as most people tend to communicate with businesses via social media.

and you are facing challenges in one or more of the following areas:

  • Being able to design, and architect applications that can be connect to multiple social media platforms seamlessly as they continue to grow.
  • Being able to analyze and generate valuable insights from the data brought in by your social media interconnections.
  • IT team is having a hard time mastering ever growing web technologies at a rapid pace for leveraging social data.
  • Being able to manage unstructured social data and integrate them with existing databases quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Ensuring security of personal and business data while you open yourself to the world social media integration.
  • Having a hard time mastering the ever growing web technologies at a rapid pace for leveraging social data.

Imagine Success

Social Media integration should not be merely seen as a channel for exchanging information, marketing and promotion or as simply as effective customer service tool. Social media integration can help you to:

  • Generate awareness at a fraction of the cost spent on traditional advertising media and enable hyper-targeted marketing.
  • Wow your customers with real time service response, recovery and technical support, with greater efficiency compared to traditional channels.
  • Improve product or user experience by embedding social capability. Develop deeper engagements and make customized offerings based on social profile of your users, to attain their loyalty.
  • Capture torrents of insights and facilitate consumer led-innovation.
  • Increase demand or your products and services, and get new customers.

How do you get this level of success that you have imagined each and every time? You get it by Engaging Excellence. You get it by Engaging IonIdea. You get it with IonSocial.

Engage Excellence

Social Media Integration has a crucial impact on your business and branding, which makes it critically important that it is rightly adopted

We will help you:

  • Define a business case, objectives and focus areas for social media integration initiative.
  • Integrate insights from your social network into your product and service strategy.
  • Define key engagement metrics (site traffic, fans, followers, buzz, likes, and share of voice) and customer metrics (sentimental analysis) which can be help you spot important trends quickly and make decisions crucial for your business.
  • Track emerging social media integration technologies and maturing standards as they continue to evolve and successfully implement them into your products and solutions.

When you engage with IonIdea, you are Engaging Excellence.

Value To You

Social Media Integration can generate immense value to business by keeping you at par or ahead of your customer expectation. It can benefit your business in several ways:

  1. It is the easiest way to listen your audience. This knowledge allows you to customize campaigns and product offers to your target audience, which in turn will provide you a better return on your sales and marketing investment.
  2. It allows you to target audiences more effectively based on their demographics.
  3. It allows you to tap into new customers and expand existing ones.
  4. It allows you to receive instant customer feedback.
  5. It allows you to improve your market intelligence and gets you way ahead of your competitors.
  6. It can help you to increase your website traffic and search ranking.
  7. It allows you to take your content to the world easily and rapidly.
  8. It allows you to create meaningful relationships with your customer.
  9. It expands your reach and increases your brand awareness with little to no cost.
  10. It allows you to monitor your competition, understand your detractors and see what’s working in your market.
  11. It allows you to locate influencers and decision makers and engage with them in real time.

Why IonIdea?

Making social media integration part of your business strategy does not have to be a challenge for you! Let us help you quickly and cost-effectively implement social media integration as part of your business development strategy.

Partner with us in the Conceptualization, Planning, Designing, Implementation and Commercialization phases of social media integrations, or just utilize our capabilities and expertise to deliver value anywhere along your social media journey.

You can also leverage our capabilities in Enterprise Software, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud to get a one-stop shop for development of your entire business application

Do more with less by

  • Getting on-demand access to our Social Media Integration Subject-Matter-Experts having profound knowledge integration and social analytics.
  • Leveraging the cost-effective Development centers that we have set up in the US and overseas.
  • Leveraging our social media integration methodologies to seamlessly embrace related technologies including Big Data Analytics, Mobility and Cloud.