Mission of IonTech

The mission of IonIdea’s IonTech business unit is to help Software Tech companies succeed. In particular we are focused on helping tech entrepreneurs and venture-backed tech startups quickly make their product and business vision a reality.

Who do we Serve?

While we work with the entire spectrum of Tech companies, from angel funded startups to large publicly traded multi-nationals, our biggest passion is in helping venture backed startups scale up their product, taking the product from an MVP to a full-scale solution, because it gives us great satisfaction to see the visions and dreams of tech entrepreneurs become a reality.

The biggest value we can deliver is to tech companies that are agile and innovating new products, facing tight deadlines and are trying get the maximum ROI from their development budget.

What do we do?

We offer a host of services and solutions to help tech companies successfully build and deploy software products.

Product Development: With our IonEngage and IonEngineer solutions offerings, we help tech companies with any and all aspects of their software product development efforts including Product Management, Project Management, Requirements Definition, Product & User Interface Design, Product Architecture & Software Design, Coding, Testing, Product Deployment, and Production Support.

Our product managers will help you build and manage the product roadmap, and manage the release of new functionality in each and every product release. Our Product and UI Designers ensure that the product is intuitive and very user friendly. Our Systems and Software Architects specify and build robust and scalable architectural platform on which the product functionality is built. Our software developers write high-quality, well-documented, reusable code.

Product Maintenance: In addition to building new products for our customers, we also take responsibility for bug-fixing, enhancing and maintaining code that may have been developed by others. We take responsibility for reverse engineering and documentation of legacy code that not many people in our client organizations may have expertise in. We also refactor and re-architect legacy code that may have become bug-ridden and unmaintainable. Our IonEngage and IonEngineer solutions offerings address Product Maintenace as well in addition to new Product Development.

Product Testing: Sometimes our customers want us to take responsibility only for only testing, while they do the product development or maintenance themselves. Through our IonAssurance solutions offering, we take full-spectrum responsibility for testing of software products. We develop Test Matrices, Test Plans and Test Cases. We build Test Automation. We do UI, Functional, Interoperability, Regression and Performance testing.

Professional Services: We partner with tech companies that are building software products to the enterprise marketplace. Frequently they need product implementation support. With them we work as a professional services arm. We take responsibility for installation & deployment, configuration, product customization, and integration with their clients’ systems.

Product Support: L2 and L3 support for the products we develop or maintain.

Value we Deliver

Through our IonEngage, IonEngineer, and IonAssurance solutions offerings, and our IonMobile, IonCloud, IonAnalytics, and IonSocialMedia capabilities, we help tech companies quickly and cost-effectively bring high-quality software products to market.

We deliver

  • High-quality, robust, scalable and fully-functional product in a timely manner
  • High-quality, 24x7 product / Client support
  • On-demand professional services for product implementation

In summary by engaging with IonIdea, our clients benefit from Faster Time-To-Market, Lower-Costs of Software Engineering and Support, Higher-Quality Products and Improved Competitive Position in the marketplace

Engage Excellence

From a software product development perspective, IonEngineer demonstrates how you are Engaging Excellence when you Engage IonIdea.

From the perspective of having a team of resources that is committed to your success, IonEngage demonstrates how you are Engaging Excellence when you Engage IonIdea.

From the perspective of having a trusted business partner, Trust 360 demonstrates how you are Engaging Excellence when you Engage IonIdea.

Why IonIdea?

In a marketplace where less than 5% of services vendors specialize in it, IonIdea stands out in software product engineering and support, with its repeatable processes, reusable components, and proven track record.

Over 99% of the product releases we have made, have been on time.

We deploy and dedicate senior resources, with 10-15 experience years as architects and project managers. Average experience of engineers on our software product engineering teams is over 5 years.

We help our customers quickly and cost effectively develop and deploy quality software products using a wide range of technologies, reusable components, and a global resource pool

We help our customers with New Product Development, Legacy Product Maintenance, Product Support, Product Testing, Professional Services Support, and also Product Sales Support.