What can I really become at IonIdea?

You can be just about anybody you want to be. You will be what you make yourself out to be. Being a young and growing organization, there is a lot of opportunity for those that want to get ahead to do so within IonIdea.

We are purely performance driven. Age, seniority, sex, color, religion, national origin, etc. etc. does not matter at all.

What really matters is if you are doing a great job, you are performing very well; and that you have the right skills, capabilities, and desire to succeed. Can you deliver the goods? And can you do it better and faster than anybody else? That is what really matters.

Those that show initiative, bring opportunities to the table, and help IonIdea capitalize upon the opportunity, get to be leaders. Hey, you could be your Boss's boss next year! For real! May the best man or woman lead us!

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