Customers’ Bill of Rights

The Customer is Always Right. Everybody says that.

At IonIdea we actually have a Vision of Customer Care and a culture of putting the Customer First through an explictly enunciated and actively inculcated Customers’ Bill of Rights.

Every IonIdea customer can and should always expect, and get, the following from each and every person at IonIdea:

  • To always be treated with Dignity and Respect under all circumstances.
  • Transparent and Timely Communication of all information that is material to the Customer’s success, and is relevant to the Customer’s business with IonIdea.
  • Alignment of IonIdea’s interests with the Customer’s interests. Prioritization of the Customer’s interests over IonIdea’s interests.
  • Commitment of IonIdea and its staff to the Customer’s goals. IonIdea will go the extra mile as much and as often as required to help the Customer succeed.
  • Excellence in every product, every solution, every service, and every piece of work from IonIdea.
  • Superior Value in each and every interaction and business transaction. IonIdea will not just do and deliver what is asked of it, it will also share and propose better options if there are any.
  • Competitive and Fair Pricing that is conducive to long term business relationships.
  • Easy and quick access to IonIdea’s Senior Management , including its CEO, for discussing any matter that the Customer feels is important.

IonIdea always welcomes feedback from its customers. Your Compliments, Criticisms, Constructive Feedback, Suggestions and Ideas are received with gratitude because all of them help us improve the products, solutions and services that we offer to you. Please feel free to write to IonIdea’s Senior Management including our CEO. All feedback you provide will be kept confidential.