Employees’ Charter of Responsibilities

As with all rights, IonIdea’s Employees’ Bill of Rights also comes with responsibilities. Your responsibilities are listed herein:

  • Always put our Customers FIRST
    • Always treat them with dignity, care and respect.
    • Put their needs ahead of ours. Empathize with their needs and goals.
    • With each and every customer of IonIdea that you interact with, in each and every interaction with the customer, make sure that you personally do everything you can to uphold the Customers’ Bill of Rights

  • Treat your colleagues the way you want to be treated
    • Treat all your colleagues – juniors, peers and seniors – with care, respect and dignity
    • Extend trust to them – respect their strengths and help them overcome their challenges
    • With each and every employee or contractor of IonIdea that you interact with, in each and every interaction with them, make sure that you personally do everything you can to uphold the Employees’ Bill of Rights

  • Develop and demonstrate irreproachable Work-Ethics
    • Unquestionable Honesty. Never give anybody any reason to question or doubt your Integrity, Commitment, Excellence and Trust.
    • Minimum of 40 hours of “very productive work” every week. Deliver more value to our Customers and to IonIdea than you get in return.
    • Candid, open and timely communication in all matters. At the same time, respect and adhere by confidentiality requirements in all your communication.
    • Excellent Teamwork. Never negatively impact or distract others from their work.

  • Earn Respect & Trust through your Commitment and Excellence
    • Be committed to your work, to your colleagues, to your manager and to your customers
    • Excel in your work. Pay attention to detail. Deliver high quality in everything you do. Meet all your commitments and deadlines.
    • Continuously improve your knowledge and capabilities, as well as the quality, productivity, effectiveness, timeliness and innovation in your work
    • Set aggressive Performance Goals. Meet or exceed them.
    • Live and breathe IonIdea’s values of Trust, Excellence, Customer Care and Employee Care

  • Have a Great Attitude and be a Leader
    • Always be a fighter with a positive attitude who is determined to excel and succeed. Do not let anything or anybody demotivate you.
    • When you see or encounter problems, think of and propose solutions for them. Don’t complain about problems. Solve them.
    • Always look for opportunities to help your customers and colleagues succeed.
    • Always share your ideas for improvement of IonIdea with those that have the ability to implement them. Help IonIdea realize its vision of becoming one of the most trusted companies that delivers innovation and excellence in everything it does.

Know that only delivering excellence in the performance of all the work you take on, engaging in behavior that builds trust in you, as well as demonstrating loyalty and commitment to the company, earns the respect, admiration, praise and gratitude of your colleagues; and governs your career trajectory and therefore the success you achieve at IonIdea.

Know that your excellence, your attitude, your actions and your behavior matters a lot. Know that you are very important to IonIdea. Know that you make a big difference to IonIdea’s success.