Mission of IonHealth

The mission of IonIdea’s IonHealth business unit is to work with both the payers and providers in the healthcare ecosystem to make their goals of affordable and accessible healthcare a reality. Through innovative thinking, superior business solutions and application of new technologies, we aim to help our customers achieve excellence in care delivery and management.

Who do we serve?

We work with Providers, Payers and also with companies that are building Healthcare Technology Products.

What do we do?

We create products, deliver solutions and provide services that help our customers with their goals.

Our customers in the Healthcare Technology Products sector have a goal of creating innovative products that are uniquely positioned in the healthcare marketplace. Their goal is to address market niches and opportunities quickly and effectively with products that differentiate and deliver superior value. IonIdea brings together its experience in the healthcare domain as well as its strong experience in engineering intuitive, robust and scalable products to help these customers quickly and cost-effectively build their products for them.

Our customers in the Provider and Payer communities are most interested in making high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible. Through our expertise in Big Data Analytics we are able to help them slice and dice the vast amount of Population Health, Wellness and Disease Management data that they have access to, so that they can made better decisions on disease diagnosis, care delivery and care management. We help them develop Cloud and Mobile solutions for connecting to their patients, keeping the patients informed on matters important to them, and for increasing compliance in patients for taking medicines. All of this helps in keeping the patient healthy and in reducing readmissions, which is critical to the success of ACOs.

IonIdea’s strong capabilities in Enterprise Software and Cloud solutions are very valuable for our ACO and PHO customers, whose goal is to deliver better and more cost-effective care through better coordination and secure sharing of patient information. The software systems in the Payers, Hospitals and Physicians offices, which earlier were only communicating within their organizations, now have to communicate with external entities in a secure on-demand manner. IonIdea builds new applications and interfaces to enable this inter-organization intra-ACO intra-PHO communication.

Our expertise in HL7, NCPDP, HIPAA EDI, and DICOM let us build seamless communications interfaces between the provider, clinical and revenue cycle management systems. We help build Health Information Exchanges to provide a comprehensive and holistic view of patient information across the health care continuum.

Value we Deliver

Through our IonEngage, IonEngineer, and IonAssurance solutions offerings, and our IonEnterprise, IonMobile, IonCloud, and IonAnalytics capabilities, and our expertise in the healthcare domain, we help our customers build information systems and solutions that make their goal of delivering high quality, affordable and accessible care possible.

By engaging with IonIdea, our clients benefit from Faster Time-To-Market, Lower-Costs of Software Engineering and Support, Higher-Quality Products and Improved Competitive Position in the marketplace.

Engage Excellence

From a software product development perspective, IonEngineer demonstrates how you are Engaging Excellence when you Engage IonIdea. From the perspective of having a team of resources that is committed to your success, IonEngage demonstrates how you are Engaging Excellence when you Engage IonIdea. From the perspective of having a trusted business partner, Trust 360 demonstrates how you are Engaging Excellence when you Engage IonIdea.

Why IonIdea?

In a marketplace where less than 5% of services vendors specialize in it, IonIdea stands out in software product engineering and support, with its repeatable processes, reusable components, and proven track record.

Over 99% of the product releases we have made, have been on time.

We deploy and dedicate senior resources, with 10-15 experience years as architects and project managers. Average experience of engineers on our software product engineering teams is over 5 years.

We help our customers quickly and cost effectively develop and deploy quality software products using a wide range of technologies, reusable components, and a global resource pool

We help our customers with New Product Development, Legacy Product Maintenance, Product Support, Product Testing, Professional Services Support, and also Product Sales Support.