Is IonAnalytics right for you?

IonAnalytics is the right solution for you if your success is dependent on:

  • Being able to understand what your customer’s speak of you, what they feel about your how that compares with what they think about your competitors.
  • Being able to gain actionable insights from the massive amounts of data flowing in and out of your systems.
  • Being able to design systems that are smart, intelligent and contextual, hence providing better user experience and improving overall efficiency.
  • Being able to greatly improve your decision management systems to help you make smarter, better and more informed decisions.
  • Being able to optimally utilize your resources and maximize the value you get from them.

and you are facing challenges in one or more of the following areas:

  • Not being able to decide what is the tipping point for introduction of Big Data and Analytics implementation within your organization
  • Choosing the right Big Data solutions and platforms out of the ever-growing technology options available in the marketplace
  • Identifying what benefits your organization can get from the data sources within and outside your business. Understanding how it can benefit your marketing, sales, business operations, customer retention, and employee retention
  • Deciding on the right data sources and applying them effectively to develop better products and services
  • Mobilizing the right set of data scientists and Big Data technical resources with the required experience and capabilities to transform your Big Data ideas into productive outcomes.
  • Identifying a reliable partner who understands your business needs and helps you setup, enhance or augment your Big Data competency in-house.

Imagine Success

Big Data is all around us everywhere you see. Within it are valuable insights that can accelerate and expand your success. You can Win-Big through Big Data.

  • Imagine getting your customer insights in real time and that empowers yours sales team to design targeted marketing campaigns to boost your revenues.
  • Imagine being able to boost your existing customer loyalty and at the same time accelerating new customer acquisitions.
  • Imagine being able to optimize your business operations and resource utilization with increased efficiency and significant cost reductions.
  • Imagine being able to identify potential risks beforehand and mitigate them at the right time to maximize your success.
  • Imagine being able to deliver products that are cost effective and have the features and functionalities to deliver a great user experience.
  • Identifying a reliable partner who understands your business needs and helps you setup, enhance or augment your Big Data competency in-house.

How do you get this level of success that you have imagined each and every time? You get it by Engaging Excellence. You get it by Engaging IonIdea. You get it with IonAnalytics.

Engage Excellence

The best approach to Big Data is the one that minimizes the risks associated with adopting new technologies and maximizes the business value delivered.

We will help you:

  • Identify a few key business initiatives where Big Data (large volumes, wide varieties, and/or high velocity of data) and new technology innovations (Hadoop, MPP databases, in-database analytics, in-memory computing etc.) can deliver compelling competitive advantage.
  • Conduct workshops to help business users to see the “realm of possibilities” with respect to how these new sources of data and innovative technologies can yield valuable and actionable insights in support of their key business initiatives. This helps businesses think outside the box to identify revenue generating and cost saving opportunities.
  • Deploy an innovations lab to prove the business case for Big Data to power key business initiatives. This helps in-house teams develop the best practices and technical skills with respect to the new technologies. Data science is a key component and it is important that this skill is developed in-house.
  • Operationalize the proof of concept and use analytics to ensure the end goal is met. 
Add unstructured data to customer acquisition, maturation, and retention processes or using machine or sensor generated data to optimize network operations, reduce fraud, and improve predictive maintenance.

When you engage with IonIdea, you are Engaging Excellence.

Value To You

Winning is in your DNA. The timely and proactive insights that you get from IonAnalytics’ Big Data solutions lets you think and act smarter, make faster and better decisions, and stay ahead of the curve in terms of delivering new value to your customers and to your enterprise.

With our help, you can apply Descriptive, Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics techniques on Big Data to greatly improve:

  • Operational and Financial Efficiency:
    • Analyze Performance Variations
    • Automated Decision Making
    • Fraud Detection and Reduction
    • Optimize Resource Utilization
    • Supply Chain Efficiency
    • IT Operations Analytics
    • Network Planning and Optimization
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Analytics:
    • Product Portfolio Management
    • Optimize Marketing Campaigns
    • Improve Customer Support
    • Dynamic Customer Segmentation
    • Increase Revenues
    • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Development:
    • Analyze Product Performance
    • Optimize Product Features
    • Develop Personalized Offerings
    • Innovative Business Models

Why IonIdea?

Big Data does not have to be a Big-Challenge for you!

Let us help you quickly and cost-effectively implement Big Data technologies to solve critical business problems and benefit from new business opportunities.

We are certified System Integrators and Consulting Partners for technology companies who are dynamic and innovative in the field of Big Data and Analytics. By collaborating with us, you will be leveraging our relationships and the expertise of these companies as well.

Partner with us in the Conceptualization, Planning, Designing, Implementation and Commercialization phases of Big Data, or just utilize our capabilities and expertise to deliver value anywhere along your Big Data journey.

Big Data does not have to be a Big-Expense for you. Do more with less by:

  • Getting on-demand access to our Big Data Subject-Matter-Experts, Data Scientists and Data Architects.
  • Using our Big Data infrastructure as a Service that we have already set up with our teaming partners.
  • Leveraging the cost-effective Big Data Analytics centers that we have set up in the US and overseas.
  • Leveraging our partner ecosystem to unlock new possibilities and opportunities for your busine