Mission of IonEducation

The mission of IonIdea’s IonEducation business unit is to help educational institutions attract more students, deliver high quality outcome based education, and increase campus placements.  We also aim to help them increase their endowments & revenues, become more cost-effective, and become extremely efficient in running their organizations.

IonEducation will work with the industry to help them influence the knowledge and training that fresh graduates passing out of universities in their catchment areas have so that they can be effective and productive employees very quickly with little or no additional training.

IonEducation will work with the industry executives and help them strategize effective collaboration with educational institutions in their catchments areas. We will make industry collaboration with academicians and students proactive, effective and easy, so that fresh graduates from these educational institutions will have the skills and capabilities that the industry needs.

IonEducation will also help students objectively evaluate educational and career options. To help them select the best educational institutions for their chosen educational and career tracks. To facilitate and help in matching students to entry level opportunities in companies through campus and online hiring.

Who do we Serve?

Educational Institutions are our primary customers. Through partnership and effective collaboration with them, and with innovative thinking, superior solutions and application of new technologies, we aim to help them in their quest to achieve excellence in education delivery and management.

To serve Educational Institutions effectively, we also need to work closely and deliver value to the other important stakeholders in the education ecosystem, i.e., to Students and to Employers.

What do we do?

We are closely interacting with eminent educators in Universities and Colleges, and continuously learning from them. Based on the knowledge we gain from them, the products and solutions we are developing are designed to address the opportunities these institutions have and challenges they face.

We have developed a suite of products and solutions that help educational institutions. These include IonCudos, IonEMS, and IonDVS.

  • IonCudos® enables Educational Institutions to map desired learning outcomes to Programs, Courses and Topics. It tracks effectiveness of education delivery, and provides valuable insights to educators that help them design and fine-tune their educational programs to achieve the desired learning outcomes.
  • IonEMS® automates the entire registration, examination and graduation workflows.
  • IonDVS® helps digitize the entire assessment workflow by integrating with  IonCUDOS® for assessment grid. Marks entered by evaluators automatically gets posted to IonCUDOS® OBE and IonEMS® solutions. Digitization can be done in an online or offline mode with both being supported by the solution.

To help enterprises efficiently manage ongoing training and skills-enhancement of their employees, we offer IonGurukul.

  • IonGurukul is a comprehensive and easy to use solution for managing training activities in enterprises, including but not limited to scheduling, training task allocation, registration, attendance, evaluation and so forth.

We have other products in the pipeline. These are also designed to address critical needs of the educational institutions.

Value we Deliver

The products and solutions that IonIdea delivers to the educational sector are envisioned, specified or validated by eminent educators. They are designed to address important opportunities, overcome pressing challenges or solve tough problems that educational institutions face.

Therefore each and every solution that IonIdea delivers to the educational institutions brings immediate value to them in one or more ways, including effectiveness of education outcomes, efficiency in education institution operations, and competitiveness in attracting the best students.

Businesses that collaborate with IonIdea are able to influence the skills and capability of the students that they hire from the educational institutions in their catchment areas.They also leverage on IonIdea’s IonGurukul solution to effectively manage the ongoing skills enhancement and training needs of their workforce.

Engage Excellence

Educational institutions are Engaging Excellence by Engaging IonIdea because the driving force, visionaries and architects behind IonIdea’s educational solutions are eminent educators in highly respected educational institutions.

Their expertise and knowledge of the education sector and of the process of delivering high quality education has gone into carefully designing and developing each and every solution that we offer.

Why IonIdea?

Most vendors selling technology solutions to the education sectors are small operators who have not been in business for long. A big percentage of these small operators do not have the wherewithal to sustain themselves over the long run, or continuously invest in innovating new solutions.

At the other end of the vendor spectrum, there are large companies with products for the education sector. Most of these products are priced out of the reach of small and mid-sized educational institutions, and are a big strain on the budget of many larger educational institutions as well.

IonIdea offers educational institutions a third option, one that is very reliable and cost-effective, and at the same time highly targeted, innovative and effective in addressing their opportunities and challenges.