What is it?

It is an opportunity to become a Partner, Managing Partner and an Executive Partner in IonIdea.

Is it right for you?

IonPartner is a very good option for you:

  • Have ambitious financial goals
  • Seek professional and financial independence
  • Have an entrepreneurial or consulting mindset
  • Have expertise in industries, business functions or technologies
  • Are well-networked and have strong professional relationships, and
  • Are capable of identifying business opportunities within your network of professional relationships

With these ingredients you can become a successful IonPartner.

Benefits to you

As an IonPartner in IonIdea you

  • Are an owner of your own IonIdea franchise which you are building as a financial asset for yourself
  • Gain independence and control over your professional and financial future
  • Become a master of your own time and not let somebody else dictate to you as to where and when you should be working
  • Insulate yourself from the vagaries of the economy and uncertainties of politics in a corporate environment
  • Last but certainly not the least, have an opportunity to significantly increase or augment your income


If you are interested and want to know more about the IonPartner opportunity, contact IonPartner Program to express your interest by providing us preliminary information on yourself. We will review it and promptly get back to you.