Qualified to be a Solutions Delivery IonAlliance?

Does your company have products, solutions or services with unique value propositions that would greatly benefit IonIdea’s customers?

Are you interested in collaborating with IonIdea to seamlessly deliver your solutions and our solutions to IonIdea’s customers?

Are you agreeable to a thorough due-diligence on the merits of your solutions and the value proposition of your company as a pre-requisite to engaging with IonIdea?

Last but certainly not the least; is your corporate culture also one based on Trust and Excellence as IonIdea’s is? Are you ready for a transparent, committed and collaborative relationship between our two companies, with the end-goal of delivering excellence and superior value to our customers?

If the honest answer to all of these questions is a resounding ‘Yes’, then we welcome the opportunity to evaluate your company as a Solutions Delivery IonAlliance.

We seek IonAlliances on the basis of trusted win-win-win relationships. As long as our Customers win, you win, and we win, we seek to build on such relationships.

Types of Solutions Delivery IonAlliances

The Solutions Delivery IonAlliances we seek fall into the following categories:

  • Trailblazer Alliances: Companies with unique solutions for niche business problems that will give us a significant advantage into making inroads into new customers and expanding our relationships with our existing customers
  • Complementary Solutions Alliances: Companies that have skills and capabilities that are currently sought by our customer base, but those skills and capabilities do not exist in IonIdea
  • Capacity Enhancement Alliances: Companies that have capabilities similar to ours, and therefore enable scalability on demand for us
  • Staffing Alliances: Companies that have technology resources of the type we frequently seek to hire for our project and consulting work

How does it benefit our Customers?

An IonAlliance is sustainable, if and only if, it delivers superior value to IonIdea’s customers, and helps them succeed by enhancing their competitive edge.

Superior value is delivered by IonAlliances along multiple vectors including Innovation, Agility, Scalability, Time-to-Market, Productivity, Efficiency, Cost-Reductions and more.

IonAlliances deliver most value to our customers when they are silver-bullets to solve critical business problems, or are the means for capturing and capitalizing on new business opportunities.

How does it benefit the IonAlliance?

It opens up new business opportunities for you in the markets, industries and customers that IonIdea serves.

You leverage on the trusted relationships that IonIdea has built with its customers, and the investments that IonIdea has made in sales and marketing in various markets and industries.

Bottom line, as an IonAlliance, you benefit from new business and revenues.

Interested in becoming an IonAlliance?

Please contact IonAlliance Program to express your interest by providing us preliminary information on your company. We will review it and promptly get back to you.