Is IonEngage’s Strategic Consulting Solutions right for you?

Do you need help in transforming IT to help grow your Businesses? Do you have challenges similar to those listed below?

  1. IT is not aligned with Business
    • Support / Cost Center Mindset vs. Customer Solutions Mindset
  2. Communication is not effective
    • With Business Group, With Vendors, and within IT
  3. Organizational Problems
    • Silos, Missing Key Functions, Technology Centric vs. Services Centric
  4. Process Problems
    • Missing, Bureaucratic, Ineffective, Insufficient
  5. People Problems

and therefore as a result maybe experiencing schedule and cost-overruns, missed time-to-market deadlines, inadequate quality, and perhaps the negative outcomes that comes with such an experience.

Would you benefit from on-demand or short-term access to experienced and proven CIOs and technology leaders in business? Do you need their advice or consulting to help you think through your organizational and IT challenges? Do you need their help to come up with effective strategies and plans to transform your IT organization?

If yes, IonEngage’s CIO Support Solutions is a good fit for you.

Imagine Success

Imagine being able to be more externally focused, helping your business grow customer relationships, improve competitiveness and increasing overall efficiency.

Imagine being able to move quickly beyond concerns of cost, security and quality, and being able to actually focus on developing innovations, differentiations and competitive advantages by effectively applying IT to your business.

Now imagine your CEO, CFO and Board being delighted with how you have transformed our IT organization, and how valuable and critical it has become to your business success.

Let’s not stop here. Imagine the impact of repeated and consistent success in your professional life.

How do you get this level of success that you have imagined? You get it by Engaging Excellence. You get it by Engaging IonIdea. You get it with IonEngage’s Strategic Consulting.

Engage Excellence

Our strategic consultants, who are also Partners in IonIdea, are former CIOs and Technology Leaders of fortune 1000 companies, with proven industry, business, and technology experience.

We understand the challenges facing CIOs in today’s competitive world. We offer practical solutions that work for your industry, your company, your organization, and your environment.

Value To You

Organizations such as American Red Cross, Anadarko, Conoco, Dole, FEC, Georgia Pacific, Land O’ Lakes, Excellus Health / Blue Cross, Sara Lee, and West One Bancorp have benefited from the work done by our Partners.

IonIdea can deliver value to you on several fronts,
including but not limited to:

  1. Aligning IT and Organizational Goals
  2. Development of effective IT strategy for your organization
  3. Consolidating Common IT / Mission Functions
  4. IT Portfolio Management
  5. Operational Readiness Assessment and Planning
  6. Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  7. Creation of a Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Plan
  8. Building a Program and Project Management Office
  9. Selection of Vendors with an effective IT Sourcing StrategyConsolidating Common IT / Mission Functions
  10. Hiring and retaining skilled professionals
  11. Obtaining adequate funding for IT programs and projects
  12. Formulating or implementing an enterprise architecture
  13. Consolidating / Virtualizing IT infrastructure
  14. Implementing and controlling IT capital planning and investment across the agency
  15. Developing organization wide IT accountability
  16. Building effective relationships in support of IT initiatives with senior executives
  17. Managing or replacing legacy systems

Why IonIdea?

When you engage any Partner from IonIdea to support you in resolving business issues through information technology, you benefit from the collective experience and expertise of all Partners in IonIdea.

With IonIdea you have:

  • On demand access to thought leaders and experienced industry veterans, to consult on issues of strategic importance to your organization
  • Increase your effectiveness by an order of magnitude, by tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of IonIdea’s CIO Partners
  • Get another perspective and validate your strategic plan and ideas before going too far down the road through investments of time and effort on your strategic initiatives
  • Delegate development of strategies, plans and programs for critical issues to your organization
  • Customized solutions based upon proven methodologies and processes

When you Engage IonIdea, you are Engaging Excellence and therefore Engaging Success.