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What is Agentology™?
Agentology™ is a frontal solution used by captive and non-captive agent-driven insurance companies. Agentology™ also helps with selling any type of insurance product which does not require the client's personal signature or presence during sale.
Product management Configure products completely on the system and show them from your source system via APIs.
Automated calculations Easily calculate sales commission if it's defined as a percentage of the premium.
Product marketing Use email and SMS marketing templates and event-based triggers to reach your users.
Offers and discounts Increase sales with easily managed discounts and promo codes.
Easy to use interface Experience an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Insurance Product Factory
• Develop insurance products without restrictions.
• Calculate premium for standard products with versioning and save quotations.
• Create easily-printable PDF forms.
• Design and reuse email and SMS templates.
• Set and manage product commissions and discounts.
Powerful PolicyCenter™
Customize required product insurance conditions, setup policies for risks, tariffs, calculation of quotes, etc., and systematically draw contracts for auto insurance, mortgage, property insurance, etc.

Maintain contracts easily
Keep detailed records of insurance contracts with file attachments, easily print policy, contract, statement, and other insurance package forms, update without recalculating premium, create additional agreements, and process annulments, extensions, and dissolutions.

Handle your clients efficiently
Maintain detailed client information in the client register, define and control client's access, and outsource your clients to another user.
Simple task management
Create tasks with automatic inspection of insurance objects or create tasks manually, assign them to team members, and track progress easily in a calendar.
• Customize underwriting products, set underwriting conditions and requirements, and specify underwriter co-efficients for different risks and insurance objects.
• Automatically determine contract underwriting based on the contract's terms and easily submit agreements to underwriters and security specialists.
• State reasons for rejection and underwriter's comments.
• Safely and easily transfer contracts to sellers.
Works with your existing system
• Integrate seamlessly with Guidewire, Adacta Fintech, and other popular systems and services through APIs. Every insurance product in the system: settlement operations, contract formalities, reference information, printing forms, etc., has an API!
• Use data from the integrated third-party services dynamically in any contract formation and maintenance process.
• Quickly import closed contracts from your system to ours to automate and complete all due processes with the power of PolicyCenter™, and export formalized contracts to your accounting system.
Controlled access
Secure your system and manage your operations with specific roles for your team: administrators, agents, sales executives, agent group managers, underwriters, security services, operations officers, and telemarketing officers.
Need another role? You can define any type and number of roles suitable to your needs!
Agency management and insights
The agent portal provides all necessary functions for simple and successful establishment and maintenance of your agency's networks.
• Register new agents, manage existing ones, and transfer/distribute your clients between your agents.
• Maintain your agent's personal information, sales history, and documents in their personal cards.
• Easily calculate and pay your agents and offer other non-monetary perks, like online games.
• Control your agency fees, availability of products, hierarchy of agents, and facilitate training and testing of sales and products.
• Receive performance and sales accounting insights, and custom reports as per your preferences.
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